Please use the following application to notify the Land Bank of your interest in donating of any property that you currently own in Lackawanna County.

The Land Bank will NOT accept your property as a donation unless certain conditions are met. The property must be free of liens, including mortgage, utility lien, or judgement. Second, all Municipal fees must be certain with a $0 (zero) balance and the property must be contributing to blight in the area.

If the Land Bank accepts your donation offer, you will be contacted to begin the donation procedure. This form is a statement of interest only and does not commit the Land Bank to accept your property as a donation or for value.

**Application will not be processed if not completed in its entirely**

Donation Policy

The Lackawanna County Land Bank welcomes donations of properties under the following conditions:

Property donation applications must be approved by the municipality’s authorized representative where they are located.

Real estate taxes must be paid in full at the time of donation, unless the property is approved for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.

The property cannot have any judgement liens or other encumbrances, which may include but are not limited to mortgages, unpaid utility bills, mechanic’s liens and state or federal income tax liens;

The property cannot have open code violations, unless the Land Bank determines that demolition of a structure is necessary and funding is available.

Donors must provide a recent title agency to order little work or reimburse the County Land Bank for title work costs($200 per chain of title). Donors who wish to reimburse the Lank Bank should call first so a Land Bank employee can confirm the amount due. Also, payment will be required in certified funds, not personal checks.

In cases of deceased land owners, their next of kin must provide the County Land Bank with signed Affidavits of Real Estate Inherited and an additional $50 fee to record affidavits and pay conveyance fees.

A Phrase I environmental assessment is completed prior to the donation if deemed warranted.

Staff will perform an analysis of the property offered for donation to determine if it can be accepted in accordance with this policy.

Lackawanna County Land Bank reserves the right to decline any donations at any time.

Phone: (570) 936-6830
Please allow at least 30 days for your request to be processed.