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Application / Bid Procedure

Applications for the purchase of Tax Claim Repository properties may also be submitted to the Land Bank through the Land Bank’s acquisition and disposition process. Repository properties may be purchased directly through the County’s Tax Claim office through that office’s disposition process.

Applications must be received for review three (3) full business days prior the next scheduled monthly Land Bank Board of Directors meeting. Meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month. No additional applications for a specific property will be accepted during the three (3) full business day application review period. This application must include the buyer’s intent or plan for the property.

Sealed bids for the specific property identified in the application will be accepted up until 10:00 AM the day of the next scheduled monthly Land Bank Board meeting. (As stated above, an application for a specific property must have been submitted at least 3 full business days prior to the board meeting for a bid to be considered). The written bid must include bidders name (as to appear on the deed), the parcel number, location of the property by taxing district and the bid amount. The minimum bid for an adjacent non-buildable side lot is $100.00. The minimum bid for an adjacent buildable lot, a non-adjacent lot or structure is $500.00. Final price is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Make sure you write Bid Enclosed and the Address and Pin Number of the Land Bank Property on the outside of the separate sealed bid envelope.

The Land Bank office staff will date stamp all applications and bids received for the property. The bids will be opened and applications reviewed at the next scheduled public meeting of the Lackawanna County Land Bank. The Land Bank, in consultation with that Municipalities Advisory Committee, will determine the properties highest and best use from applications and bids received. The Board of Directors also reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
Upon acceptance of the offer to purchase, Affidavits from the buyer must be executed attesting to the fact that the buyer does not have any delinquent property taxes or municipal liens owed or does not own any condemned properties in Lackawanna County. The Land Bank reserves the right to reject any offer if either of the aforementioned are found.

The application may be emailed to or returned by mail or in person to the address below. However, the bid form must be submitted in a separate sealed envelope either by mail (please provide sufficient time for delivery) or in person to:

Lackawanna County Land Bank
Attention: Ralph Pappas/Property Purchase Program
123 Wyoming Avenue, 5th Floor
Scranton, PA 18503

Buyer must coordinate with and obtain all permits and inspections required by the local municipality. Buyers of properties with structures will be given 1 year from date of closing to bring the property up to code. Buyers of condemned properties may also be required to enter into a separate agreement with the municipality stating this one (1) year time period for completion of the improvements. Failure to bring the property up to code within this one year time period may result in the property reverting back to the Seller.

The payment for the property must be made by check, certified funds or money order. No credit card payments will be accepted for land bank sales.

Please note that the majority of Land Bank owned properties have been acquired from the Tax Claim Bureau Repository of Unsold property. These properties have gone through a Judicial Sale and are sold “Free and Clear” of Liens, Mortgages and Judgments of record, to the extent the Tax Claim Bureau has successfully identified and served process on all interested parties for the prior Judicial Sale. Some properties may also have been acquired by donation. All property is sold via Quit Claim deed. If desired, title insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Any questions regarding the Land Bank Property Sale procedure, please contact the Lackawanna County Land Bank at 570-963-6830.

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